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We welcome "River" into our cattery.  He is a very special brown spotted bengal.  Born: Feb. 25, 2014. He has lovely large rosettes, nice small ears, and good head type.  He has an extremely strong pedigree whose father and uncle have won many awards and recognition at various CCA/TICA shows.  River has also placed at the shows and is a champion.  He is a very shy, gentle giant who really doesn't feel comfortable with being put on display at these shows, and is much happier just chilling at home.  He has produced some gorgeous kittens.  This boy has the best temperment and personality I have ever met.  
DAM:  Asiafauve Juno
SIRE:  Leopaws Dakota of Asiafauve

**River has recently retired and is looking for his forever home.  He’s got a real tender heart and will need a special home. He loves to be loved. He’s such a gentle soul. He would do well in a home with one other cat or dog. 


BYFAITH ICEBREAKER. Beautiful snow bengal, Owner: Ruth Walker