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Honey 6months
DANCINDOTS HONEY BOO-BOO is  a beautiful, brown spotted bengal. She's almost a clone to her mother, Ariella.  She has a very striking pattern, coloring and glitter. She has big, vibrant green eyes.She has produced some of the most gorgeous bengal kittens that have come out of Dancindots.  Her father is Ingoy's Heartbeat of Dancindots who came from Norway, and is now retired. 

DAM: Fire and Ice Ariella of Dancindots    

 SIRE:  Ingoy's Heartbeat of Dancindots  



Paisley back
Paisley march 2016
Pretty paisley
Paisley right side
Paisley eyes
DANCINDOTS PAISLEY PIE,  born Aug. 31/2014. She is an up and coming dam.  She has a nice brown spotted pattern, and copper eyes. I'm very excited to see what this sweet girl will produce. 
DAM:  Fire and Ice Ariella of Dancindots  
 SIRE: Ingoy's Heartbeat of Dancindots.               


Willow waking
FireandIce Willow of Dancindots is the newest addition to Dancindots.  She is a beautiful, silver bengal.  She was born April 15, 2015 and recently had her first litter of seven absolutely gorgeous kittens.  She has a very strong frame.  Full of spunk and energy.  
DAM: Sherakan Iron Maiden of FireandIce         SIRE: FireandIce In Your Dreams


"FireandIce Ariella of Dancindots" is my first bengal that I owned. She has a beautiful brown, rosetted coat, and the most vibrant green eyes!
Born April 3rd, 2010 and comes from two brown spotted bengals that carry a strong pedigree. Ariella has now retired. She has been spayed, and is available to the right "forever home"
SIRE: Fireandice Excalibur.                          DAM: Fireandice Silknsatin.
Ariella has a very gentle disposition and has produced some spectacular litters.



"DANCINDOTS LIBERTY" is a brown marbled tabby. She comes from two brown spotted parents.
SIRE: Fireandice Flying High.                          DAM: Fireandice Ariella of Dancindots.
She has a very shiny, glittered coat, and deep gold eyes.
This female is extremely intelligent at a very young age. She will rollover, shake a paw, and do other tricks--anything for food. She loves to be around people all the time. She is fearless. This Queen has produced some beautiful kittens; all being brown spotted, no marbles yet!. Libby has now retired and is spayed. She is living a happy life with us, and is now retrieving balls, and toys.  She's like a kitten again. Love this girl.